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Video of Toddler Finding a Live Pony Under the Christmas Tree Leaves Us Speechless

It's just about time for all you good girls and boys to start making your Christmas list, because Santa is going to be checking it twice and deciding whether or not you've been good this year. 

Spoiler alert: you've not been so good that you're going to end up with a gift like @Hannahsmith1406's toddler did in the below video. This clip is wild, people. This is every child's Christmas dream come true. You may want to remove your kids from the room before you play this video because you can bet they'll have something new to add to their Santa list! 

Oh my gosh! Can you imagine?! We have so many questions! How did that "gift" not eat all the other gifts under the tree? How did that "gift" not make a mess all over the living room - to phrase it in a delicate fashion?! How do these parents plan on ever being able to compete with last year? 

We aren't the only ones with questions! Because @Brbleep asks, "How in the heck did you get that pony to stand behind tree and gifts?" @NickyWard posts, "I don’t know how you got that horse to stand back there so still without tearing up that tree and the packages, but that’s the best gift ever!" We do think that @CassidyNicolewine is summing this entire situation up perfectly with her comment: "I’m still waiting for this to happen to me and I’m 28." 

LOL, us too girl, us too. 

It's just about the perfect time for all of you to start behaving this year, especially if you also want Santa to put a horse under your tree. We are pretty sure being as adorable as the toddler in the video helps, too! 

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