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Man Who Has Devoted His Life to Caring for Neglected and Abused Animals Is a True Inspiration

There are a few special people out there who devote their lives to animals — and John Bergmann is one of them. The Director of Popcorn Park Animal Refuge in Forked River, New Jersey was recently honored in a video on the animal refuge's TikTok page. Seeing his devotion to the animals in their care is so inspiring. We need more people like John Bergmann in this world!

The salute to John was shared on the @popcornpark TikTok account, which has since received almost 18,000 views. The video notes that John has dedicated his life to saving "injured, abused, neglected, and otherwise homeless animals," the text overlay states. The clip shows many of the animals that John has personally helped over the years and it's enough to make us tear up. See for yourself!

"Our Director John is an inspiration. You give us all hope," the video's caption reads. "John also asked that we thank every employee, organization, volunteer, and donor that has help Popcorn Park Refuge over the past 45 years," it adds. 

People in the comments section were grateful to John and praised him for his service. "He’s the animal whisperer!!! That’s so incredible! You’re amazing sir!!" @harveygirl68 gushed. "This man helped me save a goose with fishing wire around its foot. May seem like nothing to some but to meant the world," @ashleehaney shared. "The most thoughtful and caring person I’ve ever met," @rphillips07 added. "We love him !!!!! Always takes the time to visit with us even though he has a million other things to do !! Great job Mr. B," @ddv8661 wrote. 

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Nothing makes us happier than a person who loves animals. Bravo, John!

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