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Family's Video of Porcupine Dancing at the Zoo Is a Total Mood

Visits to the zoo are great, family-friendly activities that are fun for everyone. It's educational to show the kids all the different types of animals, and you never know what cute and funny behavior the animals might be exhibiting that day! One family got to see a fun, impromptu show from one of the animals on their latest trip to to the zoo!

TikTok user @dandakauthor shared a video she took on her family's recent trip to the zoo. In the video, a porcupine is standing on his hind legs and swaying back and forth. He seems to be dancing! Check out the video to see how cute and funny this porcupine is!

This is too good! The person who posted the video added music, and it looks like the porcupine is dancing with the rhythm of the song. So funny!

People in the comments are loving this video. @goldengamer361 said, "It’s just too cute and adorable," and @neurosis_of_the_liver commented, "This made me smile!" We're smiling too! How could we not smile while watching such a great video?

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Others cracked a few good-natured jokes. @robmoore679 commented, 'That's me in front of bakery in the morning like "Hey, hey, hey, anyone in there?"' and @thefinalcountdown9 said, "I'm a little irritated he's got more moves than me." This little guy definitely has some good dance moves up his sleeve!

Hopefully this porcupine got some extra treats from his caretaker for putting on such a great show!

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