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Video of Porcupine Enjoying an Ear of Corn Is a Total Must-See

It's corn! A big lump with knobs! It has the juice...and even porcupines love it! Well, we can't speak for them all, but Maizey from the San Diego Zoo certainly enjoys this meme-worthy snack. And TikTok enjoys watching her chow down!

When the zoo posted the adorable clip on their account, @sandiegozoo, it didn't take long to reach fans. Though, if we're being honest, we're not totally sure who/what has more fans: Maizey, or the corn! 

Just kidding--Maizey is obviously the popular choice, and you'll understand why when you see the sweet porcupine girl. She's such an enthusiastic little thing!

We'd be enchanted just to watch Maizey do nothing at all, but seeing her chow down on the corn cob is an absolute delight. We couldn't imagine a more beautiful thing!

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By the looks of it, neither could she. She ate every last kernel on that cob, and TikTok can't get enough. 

"I'm obsessed with all the animals eating corn with this song," commented @mrsrude23. Isn't it the greatest? Animals seem to appreciate the snack just as much as Tariq, the little boy who went viral with his hilarious, corn-focused interview. We'd like to think all these videos are making him proud.

"Maizey got the juice now 🌽," @stephthechefcurry30nba added. And she's lovin' it, too! We have a feeling this girl would love corn no matter how it's prepared. Those beaver-like teeth of hers could probably break into any corn cob! 

And her quills? Simply stunning! We're totally on the same page as viewer @kbwild_ who doesn't care one bit about their spiky potential. She wrote, "If you need any professional porcupine cuddlers I can send over my resume, I have my own chainmail." LOL! We have a feeling there would be a long line just to get cuddles from this corn-lovin' gal. 

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