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Maine Hardware Store That Has a 'Resident Cat' On-Site Is Simply the Greatest

As animal lovers, we always enjoy entering a store and finding out there is an animal that resides there. It is usually the one bright spot for an otherwise uneventful shopping trip. One cat is providing this joyous service to customers of a hardware store in Maine.

TikTok user @shoppers_hardware recently shared a video of the shop cat, Daniel, at Shoppers Hardware in Portland, Maine. In the video, Daniel is patrolling the isles of the hardware store ready to help any customer who desperately needs to pet a cute cat. Check out the video to see how good Daniel is at his job!

Awww, Daniel is just the best employee! We love how helpful is at brightening up everyone's day while keeping the store rat free. He is just the best!

People in the comments were enamored with the shirt Daniel was working during his shift. @von_reyes said, "I need more angles of Daniel in this romper," and @catladycatmom commented that Daniel is "so stinking cute." We couldn't agree more!

Others loved Daniel's high steps as he walked around the store. @juliusseizure137 commented, "That is a prance if I’ve ever seen one," and @flypastthesun said, "Daniel was a band major in a past life." Daniel takes big steps to make sure the customers know who's boss!

We just love this video of Daniel hard at work at the family store. It's important for all members of the family to contribute, and this kitty is surly pulling his weight. Way to go, Daniel!

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