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Adorable Pet Possum Just Chilling As a Bat is Total Halloween Goals

Halloween cuteness overload! We never knew we wanted a pet possum until we saw the video that @ThePossumGal posted on her TikTok. I mean, we always felt possums were cute but this possum? This possum is not only cute it's obviously amazingly smart because it's just chilling in its little bat Halloween costume and enjoying snackies. 

For some of us, this is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween. Sure, there was a time when we wanted to put on some ridiculous costume and go out to the bars until 3 a.m. but now we want to just make like this little possum and stay inside and raid the Halloween candy bowl. Just look at how happy she looks! 

First of all: SO CUTE! Second of all, is that possum wearing eyeliner because it sort of looks like she is? I mean, her eyes are amazing! She just has the sweetest little face ever! @Drells posted, "I audibly gasped. LOOK HOW CUTE." Right?! 
@user4804108816244 adds, "Her little outfit is as cute as her little smacking!" @Hayley says "I cannot emphasize enough how much I love him." 

Just beyond precious. We absolutely need a possum. And to know who did her eye makeup! 

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