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Irish Postman Says Goodbye to Dogs on His Route on His Last Day and Our Hearts Can't Take It

TikTok user @mr.brennan17 shared with the Internet a sweet, but also a very heartbreaking video that we couldn't possibly resist passing along to you all. His father is a postman in Ireland and it was his last day on the job. He was retiring! And with that meant he had to say his goodbyes. 

For anyone who has left a job or retired, you're probably familiar with how hard it is to say goodbye. You're used to the routine of the job, your coworkers and even your customers. So any change or goodbye is hard. And that's no different for this TikToker's dad. The video he posted shows the hardest goodbye of them all. It's with the furry friends he met during his daily stops. You'll be in tears watching this!    

We're not crying, you're crying. Oh, wait, no we're definitely crying too! Our hearts can't take this! We're happy that he gets to retire, but having to say goodbye to all the fur friends he made along the way is so sad. We would never be able to do it! 

"But the dogs won't understand why their friend doesn't come back. He can't retire," said @lornalev. They thought it was just another day of the mailman coming. They'll be heartbroken once they realize he doesn't come back. Can he still visit anyway?! @Louise Jeffrey wrote, "I couldn't say goodbye to them. I would have to continue my route just delivering treats instead of post." Yes! This is exactly what he should do because we can't stand the thought of these pups being sad.

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@Lisa Burns commented, "It's the 'I can't give you any more. Okay, one more.'" LOL! We've all done that before. Who can say no to that face?! "Perfect that's what you call a gentleman & true friend to fur babies..." said @patriciamcloughl1. Exactly! You could just tell he was heartbroken saying goodbye. We hope he enjoys his retirement and that he visits these puppos soon!

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