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Video Plea to Save Pregnant Dog Thrown From a Car Is Touching Hearts

We will never understand people who have no concern or care for animals. There are people out there in the world who are apathetic and even cruel toward animals. One dog recently fell victim to people like this, but her recovery story is giving us hope.

TikTok user @taylorcezanne recently shared a video about a pregnant dog named Momma Bear that was thrown from a moving car. In the video, this user said her friend witnessed this occur, and she is rescuing the pup in to get her the veterinarian care she needs, but this good samaritan needs help paying for it. Check out the video to see this wonderful dog and help Momma Bear on her road to recovery!

OMG, poor Momma Bear! We cant believe these people were so cruel to this dog. We hope she makes a full recovery and her babies are safe!

People in the comments felt so bad for Momma Bear. @doctorsrose3 said, "Poor thing! Thankfully your friend was there to save her!" and @user31706838938 commented, "I feel so so bad about that precious doggy. She did not deserve any of that." This poor dog has been through so much trauma!

The person who posted the original video shared an update on Momma Bear and her fundraiser. Check out the video below to see how the pup is doing so far and to see the progress on the fundraiser!

This is awesome! It is fantastic to see Momma Bear has been receiving treatment for her injuries, and we can tell she is being well taken care of by her rescuer. When this video was taken, there were over two thousand dollars in donations, but the current status of their fundraiser shows they have raised over six thousand dollars! You can find the donation page here.

People in the comments of this video are overjoyed to see Momma Bear getting so much love and care from those around her. @6ftfromtheedge said, "Love this so much. She deserves the best forever home with all the love!" and @sierrareeder0 commented, "This makes my heart so sad and so happy at the same time." While we are glad this pup is receiving care, we wish she never had to go through this in the first place!

Momma Bear is going to have a wonderful life with her new owner! We are so thankful for her rescuer and everyone that has contributed to her healing journey. When the time comes, we hope her puppies come out strong and healthy!

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