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Pug's Reaction to Terrier Lying Down in His Favorite Spot Is All Too Comical

Did anyone else grow up learning how to treat guests that were staying in your house? First you had to clean for days, and then when they arrived, you'd have to give up your bed for a few nights so they had a place to sleep. That's just part of being a good host - sacrificing your home to make your guests feel comfortable. But not all hosts go the extra mile.

TikTok famous Noodle, the Pug known for "bones vs. no bones day" predictions, doesn't care if a guest is staying with him. It's Noodle's world and we're all just living in it! Owner @jongraz shared a clip of Noodle bullying their guest dog Wendell out of the coveted sunny spot on the rug. That wouldn't fly in our house, but we aren't famous like Noodle is! Doesn't Wendell know Noodle is a star?! 

OMG. Not only did Noodle bark his way into the spot, he demanded his bed be moved into the sun! Can someone say diva?! We think all this fame went to Noodle's head. "Noodle is like, 'Wendell! I was on the Today Show, Wendell! Let me warm my bones!' 😂😂," wrote @tvlovechild. Well, he does have a point. How else would he perform the bones vs no bones prediction every day?! 

@Lauren Mullins commented, "Noodle says, 'I'm the star I need the sun.'" It's a simple request! @Charlie added, "Noodle does not lie on the ground!!😂."  

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You would think the spot is big enough to share, but not in Noodle's world. "Did Noodle just Titanic poor Wendell? There's room for you both! Never let go, Wendell!", said @kristinewestwoodart. HA! Luckily Wendell didn't take any offense to being kicked out of the spot. He was unbothered and happily enjoying some pets from @jongraz. We're expecting a bones day now after Noodle got his sun spot back!

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