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Video of Pug Demanding His 'Cheese Ball Full of Meds' Couldn't Be Better

We don't think there's a day that Noodle the Pug doesn't make us smile. You've definitely seen this famous doggo before. Noodle is known for the "Bones vs. no bones days," a daily prediction on how everyone's day is going to go. These predictions skyrocketed him into stardom, which we think has gone to his head. You can see what we mean in this recent clip! 

Noodle has been taking meds recently, but of course like any bougie dog, he has to take them a certain way. That's when the cheese ball steps in. To feed him the pills, his owner, known on TikTok as @jongraz, puts a pill into a cheese ball. The way a real king would take pills too. LOL! Noodle even knows when it's time to eat. And trust us, if you lived in this house, you'd know too. The way he demands his meds is one of the funniest things we've ever seen. Check it out!

O.M.G. We seriously can't stop laughing! He wasn't kidding when he said that one cannot afford to be late for cheese ball full of meds o'clock! Noodle wanted his meds and he wanted them at that instance. He made that very clear!

"Screaming from bed, demanding a cheese ball. He's a true king," said @patrickpugninja. We told you the fame went to his head! Now his owner is just waiting on his hand and paw. LOL! "Do not make the KING of Comfy Mountain wait for his CHEESE, SIR," added @mellociraptor. He's clearly just living in Noodle's world. In fact, we're all just living in Noodle's world! 

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"I swear the first time I heard, 'Let's go Jon,'" wrote @jaimeetrujullo. No no, we heard it too! It was more like how @maxx_hitt put it, "JON A THAN. YOU ARE LATE." Yep, that's way more like it! @beans.n.toots said, "I expected him to be closer each time like in a horror movie 😂😂😂." LMAO! Maybe on a bones day he would've done that! We'd definitely step up our game on pleasing the king if we were Jonathan so that doesn't happen though! 

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