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Adorable Pug Says 'Dinner Prayer' With the Family in Precious Video

Saying grace before eating is a big tradition for a lot of families. By doing this, they're giving thanks for where the food came from and being surrounded by loved ones. Some families do this every single meal, while others might do it for the holidays. And TikTok user @thebriguy72's family, they do it even with Taco Bell. 

In this recent clip, the family was saying their prayers before eating a delicious Tabo Bell spread. This time they had another one join in on the prayers. We promise you it's not who you'd expect, but it is downright adorable! 

O.M.G. The pug was joining on during dinner prayer?! Now that is something we've never seen before. We're not really sure if the pug was happy though. Seems like he just wanted to dive into the Taco Bell deliciousness. LOL! 

"He's like, 'Bro it's Taco Bell,'" commented @juztdream509_. He waited long enough since the bag of yummy smells walk into the door. He needed it right that instant and didn't understand the hold-up. Or maybe he was actually wondering what the person holding his hand was doing. @danathompson32 wrote, "He's like, 'Hey she's praying. Put the camera down.'" LOL! We love a respectful dog!

TikTok users, and us, are truly obsessed with this video. @abbywilliamson9 said, "Over the Taco Bell. This is iconic." No dinner prayer will ever compare for as long as we live. "Baja Blessed," added @pabl0taughtyou. LMAO! 

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