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Glam Pug Is All Sorts of Fancy in Her Cute Strawberry Dress

Pugs thrive on human interaction and affection, and this little angel in her fancy little dress is no different! Any Pug owner can tell you how gentle and even-tempered they are, and they are one breed that actually enjoys playing dress up. 

That's the case with the darling pugs that belong to the @Pugdashian account, comprised of Sissy, Tilly, Natty and Missy, and this video is going viral with 44 thousand views. Just watch it and you'll see why! 

How beautiful she looks! So many viewers agree with @Juliedavid979 replying "Too precious for words!" We can't help but agree. @Munch9696 replies, "She looks like a little Princess." She really does! @User68207932679 has fallen in love too posting, "Wow how adorable are those babies. You come to my house sweetheart I’ll give you all the strawberries you want lol !!" What a sweetheart! She seems to be enjoying showing off her cute little dress!

She's wearing the heck out of that strawberry dress, and we'd be remiss if we didn't mention her fancy little pearl necklace too. If any good girl deserves strawberries, it's this one! 

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