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Pug Can't Get Enough of Her Massage and We're Here for It

Who doesn't love a nice massage to get you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed? In this day and age, there are gadgets that allow you to get a good massage in the comfort of your own home. Apparently our furry friends can't get enough of these relaxation tools, either. Check out how this one Pug felt about trying a massage gun.

TikTok user @yardley_and_gigi shared a video of the Pug enjoying the benefits of one. As it turns out, this isn't her first rodeo, as she always comes back for more massage goodness. This latest video has over 826K views. She first looked at the gadget wondering what it was, but almost immediately she walks closer, pushing her face towards it. Her expression says it all and you can feel all her tension melt away from the second she starts her massage!

We love how much you can see she is enjoying it! "The first wooow really hit," commented @user3429011466243. Her mouth opens instantly as if she really was saying, "Wow this is the life!" or as @Megan OMeara Bretz put it, "Oh....yeah...that's the spot." 

"Clearing the sinus and ear canals," @Jeremy Clayton said. Maybe she should try a back massage next? Or a paw rub? "She's too much 😭," wrote @Megan Valerie. The creator then responded, "She's spoiled." She deserves to be spoiled! She probably lives such a hard, hard life! Ha!

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@user7842849065962 asked, "Does the device come with the pug? Serious inquiry." We were wondering the same thing. And if it does come with an extra friend, we'll take six, please. If we watch this video one more time, we're about to hop offline and head to the nearest spa.

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