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Pug's 'Dracula' Halloween Costume Is Simply Irresistible

Famous vampires: Boris Karloff in Dracula, Tom Cruise in Interview With The Vampire, David Bowie in The Hunger, Robert Pattinson in Twilight and now make way for Lulu that @Pugthelulu posted on TikTok! 

Don't say we didn't warn you! She's going to kill you with cuteness! 

Awww, her little teeth are hilarious! @Claireauthors posts, "The cutest Dracula I've ever seen!" She really is! @aileenjudith78 adds, "She's dangerously cute!" @Thepotatoqueen replies "She is gonna be the one getting all the treats! The best costume by far." We love how she takes a break to chew on a pumpkin. She almost looks like she's smiling towards the end of the video. All while wearing her vampire teeth that almost make her look like a little walrus, AWW! There's a costume idea for next year, LouLou!

Little LouLou can trick or treat at our house any day. She is just too cute as a little Dracula. Especially with those hilarious teeth! She deserves all the treats. 

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