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Man's Sweet Gesture Toward Pug Who Hurt His Leg Warms Our Hearts

There's no denying that pet owners will do just about anything for their fur babies. They're just like our children so, of course, we'll do anything and everything. Heck, we'll do something even if it compromises us being comfortable. They come first in our eyes. Always!

That's how this man sees it who is in this video posted by TikTok user @biancegonzalez14. The family's Pug named Cheeto hurt his leg and had to stay in the playpen. Ugh, poor baby! But this man decided to keep Cheeto company. Your heart will melt watching this clip! 

Stop it! This video has completely melted not just our hearts, but our entire being. He compromised being comfortable on a couch just to keep Cheeto company. Doesn't get better than that! 

TikTok users are praising this man for his selfless act. @user5219280567844 commented, "Wow a man with a BIG heart." The biggest heart we've ever seen! "That's unconditional love!" said @SuzyQB21. Unconditional love and dedication. We hope Cheeto shows his appreciation after he starts feeling better. 

@03929mas wrote, "Lol I love this. There are people out there like me I’m not crazy after all" HA! Definitely not crazy because we'd do this too. The things we do for our fur babies are endless. We hope Cheeto starts to feel better real soon. And something tells us his foot will be completely fine once the Thanksgiving turkey comes out of the oven. 


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