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Mom Shows How Her Pug Ended Up With an 'Emotional Support Koala' and It's Too Sweet

We all have things that bring us comfort. Maybe it's a special blanket or having a cup of tea before bed. A Pug named Miller has his own special toy that makes him feel safe — a stuffed Koala bear. And now video of the pup and his favorite stuffy is making people online say awwwww.

According to the video on the @millerboytime TikTok page, it wasn't always clear that Miller and his stuffed animal were going to be BFFs. "We probably shouldn't let him have the stuffed Koala, he will chew it apart," the video's text overlays reads. Which is probably what Miller's owners were thinking before buying the bear. The video then cuts away and you can see for yourself just how wrong they were!

Miller and his bear are inseparable. As the video shows the two nap together — and the bear is always by his side when he pads around the house. "This is his emotional support stuffed animal, Mr. Koala. We don’t go anywhere without him," the video's caption states. 

The comments section was all over Miller and Mr. Koala's relationship. "They all have that ONE stuffed animal. My golden has a turtle, she has not chewed through. She’s had it for 5 years now," @el.ceee9 wrote. "My pug also does that with her 'puppy.' So adorable," @anna.f47 added. "My pug will chew through anything and everything except her 'baby' which is ironically a Koala!" @gracekelly782 shared. "So cute. My pug’s favorite is his dino!" @mjaye80 commented.

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Seeing these two just warms our hearts. Everyone needs a very special friend!

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