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Pug Gets Caught Red-Handed Misbehaving for Grandma and His Reaction Is Priceless

When grandparents babysit, oftentimes, the kids are much more well-behaved for them than they are for the parents. Maybe it's because grandma and grandpa give extra treats, or kids just know not to push them as far? But apparently one dog didn't quite get the memo about being good for grandma. In a new TikTok video shared by @joesefjoesef, one Pug is being quite mischievous for his granny, and she sent the footage to his dad to prove it. 

In the clip, you'll see the pup named Frank being extra naughty while grandma looks on. He's knocking placemats off the coffee table, much to her dismay. And even though she says to him, "That's an absolute disgrace!", he doesn't seem the least bit bothered.

Haha! What a funny little guy! Maybe he wasn't supposed to move those placemats, but you have to admit he was pretty cute doing it. Frank doesn't seem at all fazed, and he's certainly not afraid of grandma's stern voice! 

People are getting quite the kick out of his antics. @Josh noted, "He knew exactly what he was doing." HA! He sure did. Another commenter, @Mark Petes-Varga added, "Frank did not choose gangster life, the gangster life choose him 😎." Then there was @Jodie, who noticed something else, saying, "Frank's face when he stops 😳, makes sure she’s looking 🤣." He totally did! 

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Maybe Frank was just really missing his dad and wanted him to come home? Or perhaps he was trying to get grandma's undivided attention? Whichever scenario is true, his little plan certainly got people talking... and laughing out loud, for that matter! Hopefully, he'll let grandma off a little easier next time.

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