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Pug Puppies' Precious Wrestling Match Is Impossible to Resist

One of the funniest TikTok trends is people posting videos with the hashtag "If ____ isn't real, explain this!" We have seen a lot of these with proof of "ghosts" existing, but now we have a super fun one with absolute proof that wrestling isn't fake. 

Just watch this video featuring the cute Pugs from @pugdashians and you will have proof that wrestling isn't scripted at all! I mean if wrestling is fake, how do you explain this? 

Look at these darling little athletes! Ric Flair better watch out! @Denise says "Oh my GOSH! Love this! Such cuties! Precious!" @Missthang adds, "How cute!!" We couldn't agree more. @Downthestretchtheycome says,"Cuties!"

We agree, nothing could be better than watching pet siblings play wrestle with each other. It's very difficult to pick who we think would win in this bout of wonderful wrestlemania, so we will just have to call a tie for cuteness. Or maybe we could just say the winner is whichever puppy we get to cuddle with after the match. That seems about fair! 

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