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Pug Dressed as a Lion Watching 'The Lion King' Is Just the Cutest

This video should be tagged NSFW (Not safe for work) unless your employer is okay with you squealing with joy and disturbing your co-workers. At the very least it should be tagged NSFAWSTWGAD (Not safe for anyone who said they weren't getting another dog) because once you see the video @PugLouLou posted you will either be squealing with happiness or wanting another dog. 

Or at the very least, a lion costume for your own fur baby. 

WE DIE! Just look at this little muffin watching the lion king in her little lion costume and banana jammies! This is too much. @Notfromearth posts, "What a cutie pie!" LouLou is, she's a precious little dumpling. @LadyV thinks LouLou doesn't not appreciate mom disturbing movie time, posting " She’s like “do you mind ?" @Krd adds. "When Loulou turned her head she was like “Oh hi, don’t mind me.”

This is just too precious. Now all we want are videos of dogs in costumes watching movies. It's just too cute. Please let this become the next TikTok trend because we are here for all of this! 

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