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Pug Puppy Has Best Disguise To Hide From the Landlord

Do you remember the scene from the 1982 movie E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial where the mom hears a noise and walks upstairs to investigate and she opens the door to one of the kid's closet and E.T. has camouflaged himself amongst the stuffed animals? Well, LouLou the adorable Pug owned by TikTok user @PugLouLou has totally recreated that scene. Nailed it! 

Can you find the darling Pug hiding amongst all the stuffed animals in the following video? Look closely!

Awwww, how adorable is this? So funny. This is the cutest stuffed animal in the pile. @Addy hilariously asks,"Where is she?!" We can't find her either! @Squash comments, "I can’t even tell! Looks like the perfect stuffed animal, just a little cuter." @Aileenjudith78 doesn't even think this video is correct, and posts "LOULOU ISN'T A PET! She's a cookie!" LOL! She's the sweetest cookie. @Fatchunkypig may want to look a little closer, after they post "I didn't actually see her!" 

LouLou, you can hide in our closet or own our bed any day. You make the cutest stuffed animal ever. 

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