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Pug's Favorite Enrichment Toy Makes Her Work Out for Treats and We're Obsessed

We're always on the lookout for new toys for our fur babies. Yes, they love the classic rope toys or squeaker ones. But we think its time to test their knowledge with some enrichment toys and TikTok user @smushedfacecrew has a perfect one. 

In this TikToker's most recent clip, the owner showed her Pug's favorite enrichment toy. She added some food into the toy, placed one part down and the other part across the room. Next thing you know the Pug is off running. Check it out! 

O.M.G. We need this toy and we need it yesterday! This is seriously such an amazing enrichment toy to keep your dog's brain and body moving. The best of both worlds! 

"Wow, she loves that. She goes on a little mission. And a Brindle Pug, unbelievable," commented @glizzwhizzler. It totally looks like this pug could be doing this all day long! We wouldn't mind our dogs being like this though. It'll tire them out. LOL! And for anyone that's interested in this toy, the creator said you can buy it on Amazon - PetGeek automatic dog feeder. Guess we know what site we're going to now!

TikTok users love this idea but some think their dogs might be too smart for it. @happynameht wrote, "My dog would probably just pick up the button and bring it next to the feeder." Ha! Honestly, if a dog did that, we'd let them have all the treats because that's very impressive. @user7359567946428 added, "The way my Aussie figured out how to push the button 5 times before running back 🤦🏻‍♀️." OMG! These dogs are absolutely brilliant! 


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