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Pug's Pitiful Reaction to Realizing She's at the Vet Is So Darn Cute

Dogs hate going to the veterinarian, and sometimes, owners have to trick our pets into thinking we are going someplace more fun, like the pet store, so they willingly get in the car. However, once you pull into the vet's parking lot, they'll know they were tricked. This is exactly what happened to this pug named Pickles.

TikTok user @pugpickles recently posted a video sharing Pickles's reaction when she realized they were going to the vet and not the PetSmart. This pug was flabbergasted at the deceit, and her reaction is too funny and cute. Check out the video to see how Pickles responded to her betrayal.

OMG this poor pug looks so hurt! She can't believe her mom would trick her like this, and she won't be forgetting this disrespect any time soon!

The people in the comments of the video found this too funny and very relatable! @auntied33d33 said, "Awe sorry buddy. They do it to little humans too," and @kassandraramirez267 commented, "These dogs really know when we pull into the vet! LOL." This seems like a trick that many dog moms and dads have pulled on their pups as well!

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Others demanded Pickles's mom take her to PetSmart immediately after the vet to make up for the betrayal. @theshopsmiami commented, "We demand a trip to PetSmart after the vet visit, plus three new toys and new outfit for Autumn season." Getting Pickles a cute new outfit is the key to forgiveness. Another user, @soozierose, said, "You'd BETTER be stopping at PetSmart on the way home for some toys." Pickles deserves all the toys for suffering through a vet visit.

We think from now on, every vet visit should end with a trip to PetSmart. It only seems fair!

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