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Video of Pug Trotting Along in His Raincoat Is the Best Thing We've Seen All Day

We all love to show off our cute outfits. When we find a good look, we search for the perfect opportunity to wear it. One pug is displaying his amazing yet reliable outfit that is complete with a jaunt around the block to show off to his neighbors.

TikTok user @jongraz recently shared a video of his pug, Noodle, trotting through the streets of New York with an adorable outfit on. In the video, Noodle stays dry in the rain by rocking a yellow raincoat, and he looks dashing. Check out this awesome video that you need to see below!

OMG, Noodle looks so adorable in his little rain outfit! This pug knows how to rock a stylish yet practical outfit, and we are here for it! We need Noodle to drop the link to the raincoat immediately.

People in the comments can't believe how amazing this pug looks. @donanenn said, "He’s the sweetest prince I’ve ever seen. 10/10 would die for Noodle." Another user, @danip614, commented, "That’s adorable! I love the raincoat. Gotta keep his majesty dry." Only the best raincoat for doggy royalty like Noodle!

Others thought Noodle's look might have been inspired by the horror movie It. @mypollos commented, "Hiya, Georgie!" which is the name of a character who wears a similar yellow raincoat. Another user, @marsmallowpie said, "He needs a red balloon," in reference to the way the villain in It lures kids away from their friends. Noodle takes inspiration for his fashion choices from a variety of media, and he kills all of his looks!

We are so impressed with how good Noodle looks in his raincoat. This pup won't let a little bit of rain harsh his shine!

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