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Little Chihuahua Sings Along with Squeaky Ball in Irresistible Video

Dogs are so funny! You never know how they're going to react to something. Just ask any dog owner who has seen their dog act scared of a movie or when they refused to sleep in the fancy new dog bed you purchased them. 

Just like @Chihuahuacedricofficial probably didn't think that by squeaking a toy ball she'd have the next pop punk sensation on her hands, but here we are. Enjoy the crooning of hilarious little Cedric in the following clip. 

10/10 would go see him in concert. @CosmicPringle agrees posting, "He’s really singing things that need said honestly. Ced Vicious is my favorite punk singer." @ScarlettScissors compares him to another famous singer and says , "Cedric does Billy Idol justice!" @Koda joins the Cedric fan club and posts, "You sing so beautiful! Lots of love Cedric!" 

His little mohawk is almost as cute as his little derpy tongue at the end. Oh Cedric, you're OUR American Idol! We wonder if he takes requests? May we suggest I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges? 

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