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Dogs Feasting on a 'Pup Cup' Straight Out of the Stanley Cup Is Impossible to Resist

You've probably never thought about it before, but some trophies live better lives we do. Take the Stanley Cup, for example. This coveted trophy is awarded to the winning National Hockey League team each spring, and it has been on more adventures than one could count. 

This summer, though, the Cup served its most important purpose yet: serving a few lucky dogs the ultimate dog treat: a puppuccino! It may just be a bowl full of whipped cream, but it takes 'pup cup' to a whole new level--Stanley Pup Cup!

The people who got to witness this incredible moment loved it just as much as the dogs did, and we're not surprised one bit. We're just glad the @coloradoavalance shared it on Instagram for fans, too! 

What a special day for these dogs! In commenter @avindetroit's words: "It’s a Stanley Pup 🐶 party!!! 😍👏." We can only imagine what cleaning the Cup after all that drool and whipped cream would be like, but it's so worth it.

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Commenter @kenfarol felt the same way. He wrote, "First champagne, then ice cream, then a slurpie. Now this. Please tell me you guys are washing it thoroughly." LOL--we have no doubt the trophy will be thoroughly sanitized, but this moment was all about enjoying sweet, sweet victory. And whipped cream!

"Part of me was hoping bernie the saint bernard would show up," wrote @sleepy_chocolate. That would've been quite the show considering that Bernie is a 6-foot-tall mascot--but would've been so appropriate! 

We also want to give Colorado Avalanche forward Mikko Rantanen a special shoutout for using his time with the Stanley Cup to spoil these lucky pups. He's gained a bunch of new, four-legged fans for this, for sure! 

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