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Dog's Epic 'Pup of Honor' Entrance at Wedding Is Pure Internet Gold

Dogs are commonly referred to as man's best friend. They play major roles in their owners' lives and should therefore be included in all best friend activities. This includes being given a special place in their owners' weddings, just like this pup was!

In the TikTok video posted by @fureverus, we see that one furry companion was given the ultra-important role of Pup of Honor at her paw-rent's wedding. For such a momentous occasion, she arrived in major style. Watch the video to see what made this such an unforgettable entrance!

OMG!!! That car is just too cute, and it's so funny how the pup has a personal escort as she rides down the aisle. At the end of the video we can see the pup's escort pull out a briefcase from the back of the car. Maybe she's bringing the rings, or perhaps she just carries an emergency stash of treats at all times.

People just cannot get over how cute this is. @iceangelbaddie called this "The most adorable entrance in the history of weddings, period," and @kingapizza said, "This is so cute!! I’m literally obsessed." 

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Others, such as @amay4song, are saying this is "a wedding that will be talked about for years." We know we're going to talk about it for years, and we weren't even there!

@peachmoo is inspired by this video: "Now I know what I’m doing at my wedding. OMG this is so cute." Smart choice! This is such a cute and creative idea. It's perfect for including your fur-babies while keeping the guests entertained and engaged as well!

What makes this so great is not only was their pup included in the wedding, but they placed such a unique twist on it by having this mini car for her. This is surely to be one wedding entrance the guests will never forget!

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