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Video of Baseball-Playing Dog Has People Totally in Amazement

You might think your dog is a superstar after a game of fetch in the park. But you might change your mind after seeing the way one dog slammed a home run while playing baseball in a garage. Yep, you read that right.

As impossible as it seems, the dog was not only able to hold a bat with their teeth, but also made contact with the ball! As a TikTok video shared by @barstoolsports shows, the dog absolutely walloped the baseball a man onscreen pitched to him. It almost looks like the man signaled what kind of pitch it as going to be too. "How does this effect Air Buds legacy?" the video's caption read. The whole thing is so amazing that it's definitely worth taking a look for yourself.

We weren't the only ones who were impressed. The video has been watched a whopping 14 million times and so many people commented that the dog probably needs to go pro. "Can someone explain to me how to quit watching this?" @outlaw_hotshot_and_josie wondered. "Reds could use him," @44progloves joked. "He threw him some heat too!! Next time gonna have to go off speed hahaha," @bostonpeek added. "Hits better than half the kids on my son's baseball team!" @ashleydixonreid teased.

While other people were unsurprised that it was a Blue Heeler behind bat. "If a Heeler decides to do anything they do it with an angry passion," @eeyorenm explained. "100% my Heeler is hitting me with the bat," @jtmathews agreed. "That's awesome! My Dobie is drilling 50 yard field goals a going for NFL open tryouts! Seriously, cool Heeler!" @sirdeathstryke added.

Here's hoping that the video gets back to someone with the MLB.