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Video of Puppy Waking Up to Sweet Smell of a Puppuccino Wins the Internet

Unless you've been sleeping under a rock, we've all seen the effects a puppuccino has on our pets. (We would say just dogs, but we've seen cat-cups are a thing now too!) Any furry friend you bring with you in the drive-thru can't sit still because they all know what's coming - a taste of heaven. They'll start crying and climbing over the window, anything to get their treat faster. So it came as a surprise to us when TikTok user @@kateeee_a's puppy almost slept through the experience. 

In her TikTok video which has over 3.8 million views, her puppy was fast asleep in the passenger's lap. They went through the Starbucks drive-thru for a special treat, as we do all too often, way too often... They were talking while ordering and probably listening to music as they waited and still, no amount of commotion was going to wake this pup up. Apparently, a quick whiff of the sweet smell of whipped cream will do the trick!

Stop it!! This is way too cute to handle. The pup woke up so innocently from his precious nap. But once he realized his dream was happening in real life, his eyes lit up and he went nose-diving into the puppuccino. LOL! He really went 0 to 100 real quick. 

"Woke up and his dream came true," commented @gregofcanada. It's that easy? Just dream it and it comes true? Guess we have to try! "Manifested it in real-time," added @weratedogs. Whoever said manifesting doesn't work clearly never tried it as hard as this pup did!

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Another TikTok user, @aline.privex, added "😂😂 he was like *sniff *sniff “omg is that what I think it is?!" Yes, it's exactly what you think it is! "Sweet baby......He just needed his pup cup to wake up," said @marthalspooner. We hope this owner is careful! Soon enough he'll only wake up and get out of bed if a puppuccino is involved. LOL! 

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