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Concerned Dad Tries to Help ‘Alcoholic’ Pup in Hilarious Viral Video

In a viral clip that has over 9.8 million views and 2.2 million likes, @johnrossfoy wanted to address the (totally made-up) “alcohol problem” his dog is apparently having. He joked about the pup needing an intervention, and let’s just say the dog wasn’t too happy about dad stepping in.

In the clip, the creator tells someone off-camera that the dog has been “drinking all day.” He then reaches into her bed area to pull out a White Claw dog toy, showing evidence of “drinking,” ha! But being on the receiving end of the intervention, the dog was not having it. You’ll LOL once you see the pup’s reaction! 

LMAO! We were not expecting that at all! His little pup really came out of her camper van (btw which is SO cool) and took back her puppy White Claw. You know what they say, “ain’t no laws when you drinking the claws!” Therefore, she was not about to have an intervention. 

“The dog really said, ‘Worry about yourself,’” said @Shelby Polczynskil. If she wants another White Claw, she’s going to have another claw! “It’s a ruff world out there…leave her alone 😂,” added @The Weens. LOL! She’s just doing what anyone does after a long, stressful day - relaxing with her favorite drink! @Destiny DelRio said, “’And I ain’t stopping yet,’ is all I can hear her say as she takes it lol.” Don’t judge her! 

We’d probably be scared to go back into that camper van again to try and retrieve the toy. She probably already destroyed it! “OMG, why you putting her business on the internet for?” asked @PEPE THE DOG MODEL. That is a great point! This should be a private issue. (Haha). But because he put it out on TikTok for the world to see, she’ll need another White Claw. We heard she likes the lime flavor the best.