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Dachshund's Confused Reaction to New Puppy Taking Over His Favorite Spot Is Just Priceless

When you've got a new puppy around, you need to expect the unexpected.  You never know how quickly they'll adjust, or how easily their fur sibling will take to them. Dog mom and TikTok user @that_crafty_mama_ experienced this firsthand when her family's newest addition made himself comfy in his older brother's favorite spot. 

If it sounds like typical sibling behavior, that's because it is! Dachshund Gunner didn't know what to do, while puppy Charlie couldn't care less!

LOL! Poor Gunner had no clue what to do with his crate already occupied, and we honestly feel bad for him! He was looking to his mama for an answer, but she was rightfully distracted by Charlie's belly-up nap. Hey--a pupper's gotta sleep! Just like @fairywings44 said, "This is just sad and hilarious at the same time 🤣." Still, we don't blame their mama for filming this silly moment. 

"Pup is like…..don’t mind if I do 😂," wrote commenter @jess_marshburn. Exactly! He does look comfy AF, and we'd hate to interrupt that nap if we were Charlie's mom. Still, that's Gunnar's favorite spot!

Viewer @marychristophers72 joked, "new puppy says sharing is caring 😂🥰," but maybe she's onto something! If Charlie could just scoot over a bit, both pups could have the perfect spot to snooze! It will be these siblings' first lesson in compromise, though they'll need a bigger crate once Charlie grows up! 

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