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Puppy's Adorable Friendship With Family Rabbit Makes Us Go 'Aww'

There is nothing more adorable than an animal duo made up of unlikely friends. Whenever we see them interact, it feels like we are watching a Disney movie! One woman shared a video of two of her pets interacting that is sure to instill that same magical and heartwarming feeling.

TikTok user @pawsofrio recently shared a video of her Golden Retriever puppy, Rio, and her rabbit, Candy, interacting. In the video, these two exchange pets, kisses, and cuddles, and Rio seems like he can't get enough go his friend! Check out the video to see these adorable moments.

Awww, these two are so precious! We love how the Rio tried to pet Candy, and and can't get over all of the kisses they gave each other. We can't stop watching this video!

People in the comments thought the pets Rio gave to Candy were the best part of the video. @twosweetgoldengirls said, "It’s the paw trying to pet the bunny for me. Golden’s are such pure and gentle pups!" Another user, @sav_royals, commented, "Rio did the gentle pets!" Rio was so careful not to hurt Candy!

Others adored the loving chomp Rio gave to Candy. @mattchu11404 commented, "I love how the puppy straight up chomped at the bunny," and @92828383sj said, "The chomp, LOL! He did it so soft! They are both really cute." Their mom explained in her own comment that Rio gently chomps to show love and does it on her hand all the time. How sweet!

We can tell Rio loves his new big sister, and Candy is so patient for tolerating all this puppy energy. These two need a Pixar movie made based on their friendship!

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