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Video Diary of 'Puppy Flight Nanny's' Trips Is the Picture of a Dream Job

Everyone dreams of hanging out with puppies all day. Before, we thought that the only jobs that made this possible were veterinarian or animal shelter worker. Now, one video is showing us a third, incredible career option for spending your day with puppies.

TikTok user @bluewonderflightnanny recently shared a video of his journey from Portland, Oregon to Detroit, Michigan to transport a French Bulldog puppy! This user is a registered pet transporter and delivers puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats all over the country on behalf of their new owners. Check out the video to get a glimpse of what this job is like!

Wow, we are obsessed with this job! What could be better than being paid to sit on an airplane with adorable dogs and cats? Sign us up!

People in the comments agreed that this seems like the ideal job. @valariebeth said, "Awww, love it... I want to be a flight nanny," and @katie_mckinney1 commented, "OMG, best job ever!" This TikTok user should create a guide on how others can start this career as well! It seems like there is plenty of interest.

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In different video, this pet transporter provides another glimpse into the life as he delivers two puppies to two different adopters. The video includes an adorable clip of the transporter on the receiving end of some puppy love!


This looks like an awesome job, but we would run the risk of falling in love with every animal we transported. In the comments, @janaschwartzberg said, "Omg so cute. I couldn’t have this job as I’d steal all the puppies." We can totally understand this impulse!

This isn't a career we would have thought of, but we definitely see the appeal! Everyone dreams of hanging out with adorable animals and traveling to cool places, and this man gets paid to do it!

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