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Video Showing Puppy 'Growing Up Overnight' Is Too Cute to Resist

The hardest part of having a dog is watching them grow up. It seems like it happens all too fast! One day they're just a little puppy and the next day, BOOM — full grown dog. Although after watching one woman's video on TikTok, you might just believe that there's some sorcery involved.

The TikTok creator (@bigbluedane) must've been absolutely stumped when she woke up one morning and learned that her German Shepherd Sunny had seemingly aged while she was sleeping. "If you're looking for proof that puppies grow impossibly quickly, this is Sunny yesterday looking like a 9-week-old puppy/guinea pig," she can be heard saying over the footage. The video then cuts to a clip of Sunny the next day, noticeably changed. "Who is this young man?" she wondered.

"It’s the ears for me," she joked in the caption. 

Sunny's glow up was a surprise for people in the comments section too. "Sonny you’re killing me with your good looks," @athomewithili commented. "He’s absolutely perfect," @analisefagan agreed. "He went from daycare to college," @pamelag988 joked. "The wink," @sarahhankycio noted.

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While other people shared that the same thing had happened to them too. "His ears popped up! Our [German Shepherd’s] ears did that overnight too. So cute!" @sundaze_emma explained. "Literally same. Woke up one day to my Australian Shepherd mix looking like a teenager. I cried," @xxyyzz_7 added. "IT’S THE EARS POPPING UP it happened with my Corgi overnight I feel you!" wrote. "My puppy would sleep in her crate and the next morning came out a new dog lol," @kaynacio91.

Like we said before, Sunny's glow up seems almost like magic. But don't worry Mom and Dad. He's still got some puppy years left!

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