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Video of Puppy’s Sad Reaction to Being Left Home Alone Has People Sobbing

Do you ever wonder what your pet does when you’re not home? Are they sad? Do they throw themselves a pity party since they have to be home all alone? Or do you think they're getting into trouble being unsupervised? Honestly, any of those options are a real possibility. But pro tip, don't film what your pet does because you'll never want to leave again if they're sad. 

That's what happened with TikTok user @itspasc. In a clip she posted recently, which has over 1.3 million views, her little 5-month-old Morkie was very upset when she left the apartment. Her boyfriend sent her the recording of what her dog was doing. The dog looks upset, but the sound she makes is even more heartbreaking. 

Aww, stop! The little howl has us crying! The caption reads, “Baby girl Saff found her howl.” Guess she finally learned to howl and of course, it had to be when her mom left. We don’t think that’s a howl, but rather sad cries. 

“The way I would not be able to turn around quick enough 😅,” commented @Victoria Sola. SAME! The creator responded by saying, “The way I’m LITERALLY never leaving her home again.” Good thing she’s small enough that mom can take her everywhere! @Sophia Rubin said, “Send this to your job and say goodbye! They’ll understand why you can’t return! OMG MY HEART.” They won’t even be mad. In fact, they’d probably encourage her to stay home. 

Another commenter, @av0cadog wrote, “I read that they do this bc they’re howling for you, you’re a part of their pack😭.” OMG. Now we’re really sobbing! That’s the cutest thing we’ve ever heard. We hope we’re part of our pets’ pack!