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Tiny Puppy's Reaction to Picking Up 'His Girls' From School Is the Sweetest

Most kids look forward to the end of the school day because they are able to go home, have a snack, and play with their friends and siblings. There's one puppy who looks forward to the end of each school day as well because that means it's time for a special reunion with his favorite people.

TikTok user @miko.kai.roadie recently shared a video of her Miniature Schnauzer puppy, Miko Kai, eagerly waiting in the car. In the video, Miko Kai is held by his momma while looking out the window for his buddies at the end of the school day. Check out the video to see how this pup reacts when he spots them!

OMG, this is so precious! Miko Kai was so excited to see the girls at the end of their school day that he almost wiggled out of his mom's hands. We love to see how much this pup adores these little girls!

People in the comments couldn't believe how adorable this puppy is. @heatherdixon29 said, "That little stubby tail is too cute... He's so excited!" and @lovescalifornia4eva commented, "Omg I just can’t with the cuteness." A video as cute as this needs to come with a warning next time!

Others couldn't help but rave about his wonderful breed! commented, "Omg, I love Schnauzers so much," and @bayliwilkins said, "Schnauzers are the best dogs ever! I have two and I absolutely love them!" Schnauzers truly are such a fantastic dog breed!

We just love how much Miko Kai looks forward to seeing the girls after school! We just know that they are the best of friends. Hopefully, this pup gets to ride along to school pick up every day!

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