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Puppy's Innocent Reaction to Hearing Guitar for the First Time Is the Best

Listening to live music is one of life's greatest treasures. It fills you up with a warm, fuzzy feeling, and it is a natural relaxant, even on the most stressful day. One pup heard guitar for the first time, and his reaction is going viral for all the right reasons.

TikTok user @sunnyboyinthecity recently shared a video of her Golden Retriever and Shepherd mix puppy, Sunny, listening to guitar for the first time. In the video, someone off-camera plays guitar, and Sunny listens to this strange new sound very closely. Check out the video to see Sunny's awesome reaction!

OMG, Sunny is just precious. We can't get enough of his adorable and inquisitive face! That moment when he realizes he likes this strange new sound is the best.

People in the comments were falling in love with Sunny. @jamesmccoycalhouniii said, "That absolutely melted my heart! That face though—such a beautiful pup!" and @firefish79 commented, "This needed to be like 6 minutes longer. What a cute puppy!" We are going to remember the look of child-like wonder on Sunny's face for a very long time. 

Others were sharing anecdotes about their own pets hearing live music for the first time. @stargirlwithalibrary commented, "My dog loves it when I play piano, and she always comes into the room and lays down to take a nap while I play." Another user, @saltybeacch, said, "So sweet! Our Goldens love listening to my husband play guitar." Our pups definitely enjoy when we play music on our guitars as well!

We have this video on repeat and we can't stop watching! It is so lovely to witness young animals discovering new parts of the world, and this video might be the loveliest of all.

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