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Puppy's Cute Way of Rejecting Mom's Kisses Is So Darn Sweet

Resisting the urge to cuddle and kiss a puppy is the hardest thing in the world. Luckily though, when it's your own pup you don't have to resist it at all! TikTok user @carrilyne shared the hilarious, adorable, and totally relatable moment when she finally went in for a smooch on her new pup's head...and was denied. Her sassy Black Labrador puppy, Kimi, was not in the mood for affection, and she wasn't afraid to show it!

Fortunately, this dog mama rolled with the punches and got the sweet scene on film. We're so glad she did! 

Can you also relate? We know exactly what it's like to love on a dog who's not quite in the mood for kisses, and we'd be lying if we said it wasn't a little bit funny. How could anyone resist when a pup is so dang cute?

"My dog was the same until she realized there’s no avoiding it," @leximydog commented on the video. "She tolerates it now😂." LMAO! We have a feeling a lot of pet parents can relate to that, but even more. folks can understand dealing with the sassiness of puppyhood. Just look at Kimi!

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"I know my dog rolls her eyes every time I go in for the kisses 😂," @beckyjobeanpole admitted. Now that we'd love to see! Sassy dog reactions comprise a genre of comedy all their own, and we are 100% living for it. Kimi could be famous on that side of TikTok!

We think it's super great that @carrilyne was still concerned about her pup's wellbeing despite laughing at Kimi's reactions. Commenter @theashasher noticed this, too! "I appreciate that you considered that maybe her ears hurt," they said. "That’s good dog momming 👍." We couldn't agree more! 

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