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Video of Puppy Comforting Nervous Rescue Dog in the Car Has People in Tears

For a rescue dog, even the best days can have its challenges. Luckily, the love of a pet parent and, in this case, a confident fur sibling can go a long way. For Loonette and Molly, two American Village Dogs living their best lives in Canada, this couldn't be more true. Also, we aren't the only ones to recognize those amazing names, right?

Molly, a 2-year-old, was the first to join her new family. Her parents noticed how timid and anxious she could be in some situations, so they decided to help build her getting her a sibling. Now, Loonette is helping her big sis get comfortable (literally) in the car and beyond--and it's the sweetest thing!

What good girls! We are so happy that Molly finally felt comfy enough to lie down in the car, and the fact that it happened with her sister? Cue the waterworks!

Of course, TikTok viewers are in awe of these girls' sweet snuggles, and they're oh-so-happy for Molly. She's come so far!

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"What a lovely thing to do to recognize your rescue is struggling so you bring another pooch in for support and confidence building," @caz2017 praised this dog mom. "You are lovely 🥰." Exactly! Her fur babies are both getting the chance to thrive alongside a sibling, and it's positively priceless. 

This moment in particular, though, is simply too cute to handle. Commenter @petraellen1 said, "the paw on her🥺 don't worry big sis a got you!❤️." Isn't it the best? Just like @userpamalama13 wrote, "It always amazes me the comfort another dog can bring them ❤️." The love of a pup is truly magical!

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