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Neglected Puppy's Transformation After Being Rescued From Shelter Is Incredible

There are many shelters across the United States that are doing incredible work to find loving homes for unadopted dogs. However, there are some shelters that engage in unethical practices and are extremely negative environments for all animals. One animal rescue saved a group of puppies from a shelter like this and they are going viral for their deed.

TikTok user @dilliut is the founder of Unleashed Pet Rescue in the Kansas City suburbs, and she recently shared a video of a Great Pyrenees puppy at their rescue. In the video, she says that this puppy and her siblings were saved from a kill shelter with horrible conditions. Check out the video to see this adorable dog and find out what their previous life was like.

OMG, thank goodness this puppy and her siblings were saved by this rescue! We are disgusted and furious about the conditions of the shelter they were at before. Not only is it a kill shelter, but they were very dirty and covered in fleas. Someone needs to shut them down!

People in the comments are gushing over this beautiful dog. @tashleyxiii said, "She is beautiful and deserving of so much love!" and @dianewhite6090 commented, "What an absolutely adorable dog she is. I can't believe dogs are in kill shelters." These puppies, like all dogs, are too cute and worthy of so much love!

Others are thanking this woman for saving these puppies. @jconti5314 commented, "Thank you a million times over for saving her and her siblings," and @jsmontoya7 said, "Thank you for saving them! You and your family are angels." We are amazed by people like this woman who devote their time and energy to helping animals!

We are thrilled that these puppies were saved and can't wait until they are in loving homes. Kill shelters are unbelievably cruel, and they all should be abolished!

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