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Puppy's Cute Yet Unconventional Way of Riding in the Car Is Going Viral

Driving in the car with your dog can be a gamble. Some dogs live for the drive and are up for road trips while others refuse to even get in the car, forcing you to pick them up and put them inside. And even when in the car, dogs oftentimes are restless. They can't seem to get comfortable. If that's the case for your dog, maybe they should try what this one puppy is doing in the car! 

These doggy pawrents were driving in the car with their two labradors. The one lab was content, hanging out in the back sitting like a good boy. But the puppy on the other hand was being a bit more difficult. Apparently, the puppy refuses to sit any other way in the car than this specific position and it's one we've never seen before. The parents decided to post this unusual car behavior to TikTok account @tankthebrownlab and it's quickly gone viral. You'll see why because it's making everyone LOL!

O.M.G. We don't know what we were expecting, but it wasn't this! He's sitting in the complete opposite direction. His back legs and booty are just chilling on the center console as if it was made for him. LOL! But hey, if he's comfortable let him do his thing! 

TikTok users are commenting on different reasons why the puppy is sitting this way. Maybe he's not doing it for comfort but to get some of the AC in this heat. @Kait-Kait wrote, "He said it’s hot okay😂😂 he needed that cold air 😂." It could be possible he's doing what @asmrrocky said. The comment reads, "He’s trying to figure out how to sit next to you guys." Aww! Stop it, that's so sweet! And as a puppy, they never want to leave your side so this is probably why he was sitting this way.

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Although, we happen to agree with @milkmakeup who said, "If you've got it, flaunt it 😌." And boy is this puppy flaunting it! We wouldn't even correct him if we were his parent because it's just too cute!

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