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Puppy Sweetly Shares Biscuit With Bulldog Friend in Heartwarming Video

A new viral video of two dogs show us once again that we do not deserve dogs! TikTok user @animalsontiktok posted a clip of a little puppy eating a biscuit while a her Bulldog friend is resting his head on the couch watching her eat. You can see how hurt he is that he didn't get a treat. How is it fair that only one doggo got a biscuit?! But this pup knew it wasn't fair, and what she does has our hearts melting! 

This adorable clip has over 1.1 million views and 198.6K likes. It looks like the puppy is about to continue eating the biscuit, but she pushes it towards the Bulldog with her nose. She did this without even being told to. Everyone is in love with how she shares her treat, saying that we could all use this as a lesson on how to treat others. 

That is the sweetest pup! She was looking out for her brother and wanted to share the goodness of the treat. "A true sister, saving half for her bro," wrote @Ohyeah7687. She's a better sister than we are! We would have devoured that treat in 2 seconds. @Andrea added, "She’s absolutely adorable giving him half her biscuit. That’s so sweet ❤️."  @🐶✨Maddy✨🐶 said, "I’m not generous enough to share with another person [unless it’s a doggo]." We are the same way! But if she can share, so can we! 

"See dogs are better than people," said @lotuaw. We can't argue with that! @Mrslyons06 commented, "Omg my heart just exploded, human kind can learn so much from this dog." Such a simple gesture could go a long way. This clip takes us back to the old saying, "Sharing is caring." Now, let's hope the Bulldog will return the favor one day. 

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