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Video of Golden Retriever Puppy Watching Cartoons Has People Obsessed

TikTok user @bestboyolliebear found his new favorite Saturday morning routine, and it’s one we’ve all done before as a kid. Remember how you’d wake up, moseying your way to the couch while still rocking your pajamas? Then, you’d turn on the TV and your favorite cartoon was on. You knew instantly that it was going to be a great day. 

It's no different for Ollie the Golden Retriever puppy. The only thing different from his Saturday morning routine and how ours was as a kid, is that he looks WAY cuter than we ever did! He’s sitting right in front of the TV with his eyes peeled on the cartoon, just like a human child. And nothing is going to pull him away from the screen! Sounds familiar? As soon as you watch Ollie, you’ll be hooked and brought back to your childhood! 

OMG. What a cute little fluff ball! The only time Ollie got up to move was to follow the squirrel on the screen. LOL! That is some serious focus. 

@Steph said, "iPad kid but make it dog." LMAO! This is totally like a parent using an iPad to keep their child entertained. Ollie could sit there for hours watching! "He is no longer called Ollie HE IS DUG," added @Laurence Jackson. Ha! The show he's watching is Dug Days, which is based on Dug from the movie Up. So it only makes sense if Ollie is this invested he must now be known as Dug!  

We know you need more clips of Ollie watching cartoons, so here’s the first video that made him go viral! So cute! 

“So it’s not just my dog that loves that show. Whoever’s idea it was to make Dug Days has our dogs’ hearts,” said @Ash. Ha! Maybe we all should try it with our dogs!