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Viral Video of People Doing 'Puppy Yoga' Is the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

If you think goat yoga sounds cute, wait until you her about this: puppy yoga. Yep, you read that correctly--you can now (attempt to) do yoga surrounded by the cutest balls of fluff on four legs. Ready to sign up yet?

Puppy Yoga recently turned heads on TikTok after the studio posted the sweetest video to their account, @thestoicgiraffe. Ironically enough, this Doberman pup was preventing yoga rather than adding to it, but no one minds in the slightest. After all, the fur babies are truly the ones running the show. If this doesn't make you want to fly to Toronto to try Puppy Yoga ASAP, IDK what will.

Inconvenience, or dream come true? Clearly, this woman was in heaven with the pupper napping on her back, and we don't blame her one bit. Neither do any of the commenters, who are all as jealous as we are.

"Some people just living my dream," wrote @ccathwolf, and we're on exactly the same page. It's like they read our mind! So did @camille_eusford, who knows where her priorities lie. "Yeah I wouldn't be doing much yoga either 😭" she wrote. 

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One commenter even turned out to be the incredibly lucky girl from the video--@sidneyboudreauric. All she said originally was "THAT’S MEEEE!," but even that short phrase shows just how much she loved the Puppy Yoga experience. She even said so herself in a reply, dishing, "It was a great moment 🥰 but they took the puppy away after that video 😔." That's a bit of a bummer for her, but gives others a chance to get in on the puppy love--we get it! 

And, no, she didn't take the puppy home. As much as the commenters hoped she would say yes, we applaud her for not making a life-changing decision within the span of a yoga class. Still, it's pretty impressive how still she stayed just so the pup would stay comfy. As @coloured_with_fur points out, it is a "universal law. If the pup falls asleep on you. you don't move until they wake." That's just how it is! 

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