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Pups Get Complimentary Treats on Group Bus Ride and TikTok is Impressed

What's more impressive than a well-trained, off-leash dog who's perfect at recall while out and about? Try a whole group of well-trained, off-leash pups! That's exactly what you would see if you spotted @mo_mountain_mutts on one of their famous 'pack hikes,' and if it sounds like an amazing feat, it is. 

Mo Mountain Mutts is run by "a professional, balanced, and insured dog walker, sitter, and behaviorist" who wants to help dogs find enrichment in the great Alaskan wilderness. She helps each dog board a bus, ride safely, and enjoy a few hours of fun at their daily destination. On the one hand, it sounds like a dream job, but just wait until you see how much work goes into it! 

Though she doesn't show the entire bus boarding process in her latest viral video, it's too cute and impressive not to leave us in awe. 

Just look at all the dogs being so polite! They all respect each other's treat time, and they're all sitting so nicely in their own seats. Honestly, this group of pups looks easier to handle than a group of children! 

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Still, it takes a lot of time and effort to make a process like this run so smoothly. And it doesn't go unnoticed! 

"Does my heart good. Precious babies in the bus 🥰," wrote commenter @hatgirl077. Right? We don't think anyone could pass by this video without smiling, especially as we get to see each dog's personality! 

"*Norman finally accepting treats* *just in time for a new treat snob!* lmao,"@askniara said. That was super funny! A sense of humor must help out a lot with a job like this, especially when you can never truly know what kind of craziness will come next. No wonder this channel is so popular! 

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