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Video of Purebred Dogs Awaiting Adoption in a Shelter Is an Important Reminder

It is no secret that animal shelters are often close to maximum capacity. This is partly due to people preferring to get their dogs from breeders because they want a purebred dog. However, this TikTok video is reminding people that breeders are not the only option when in search of a purebred!

In the video posted by @greatplainsspca on TikTok, they remind people that many shelters have purebreds available for adoption! This is so important because those who go to breeders in search of a purebred dog could find exactly what they're looking for in a shelter. By adopting a shelter dog, more room becomes available for other dogs to be rescued while providing a safe and loving home for the adopted pup. Check out the video to see how cute and good the purebred dogs are in the Great Plains SPCA shelter! 

OMG! They have so many great pups available for adoption right now. We might just have to drive out there ourselves and adopt a few!

So many people in the comments were agreed with the message in the TikTok. @izaizitaizamar said, "They're precious and deserve an opportunity!" and @wizardstick1204 commented, "All dogs deserve homes, whether they are purebred or mutts." Our hearts break to think of those poor pups sitting alone in a shelter!

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Others in the comments vouched for how great shelter dogs are. @katiealvarez07 attested to the quality and lovability of shelter dogs through her own experience: "We’ve only had amazing shelter pups." @brianporterfield22 commented his agreement: "All 100% good boys." Absolutely the best!

We think @elishafelisha put it best with her comment: "I don’t understand why people would abandon these gorgeous babies! I wish I could have them all." We wish we could take all of them home too!

Remember folks: adopt, don't shop!

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