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Sick Cat's Sad Reaction to Being Separated From Her Siblings Is So Heartbreaking

There are many reasons you may have to put your cat in quarantine. Illness, injury, or introducing them to a new household. Even though this isn't harmful to the cat it doesn't make it any less heartbreaking for the cat owner. Cats are social creatures and they miss their family, human and feline, just as much as we do. 

That's why this video posted by TikTok user @ CatladyQuinn is so sad. This owner has five rescue cats and watch below to see how one of them reacts when it has to be kept apart from its pack. It's just so sad. 

Awwww, poor baby! @MarcusJenner posts, "I'm in tears." It really is heartbreaking listening to those little cries. @Larissa says, "Oh no this breaks my heart. That little angel." @Nora gets to the crux of the entire problem, posting, "Honestly it's heartbreaking when they look at you in that way and you don't know how to explain them that it's for their health." If only our cats could understand English. 

It seems like CatLadyQuinn is doing everything right to comfort her baby, and if you find yourself in this situation giving your cat extra affection and attention, and treats (If your vet allows) and some cats in quarantine even enjoy having a television or radio on in the background. Here's hoping every cat in isolation has a very short time alone. Our hearts can't take it. 

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