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Queen Elizabeth's Beloved Horse Says Her Final Goodbye in Video That Has Us Sobbing

As the world mourns the passing of Queen Elizabeth, those closest to her are saying their final goodbyes. Of course, that means members of the royal family. But many of her animals have also gathered to pay their respects. Like her horse, Emma. 

The heartbreaking moment that Emma said her farewells was captured during the Queen's funeral procession. Later shared by TikTok creator @brittoker, we can barely stand to watch!

"Come to watch the coffin go passed," the announcer said in the footage. "It was only a few months ago that the queen was seen riding in the park. And as those many people who have said today, her two great passions were horses and dogs. It's a rather touching sight, that Emma should be brought out to watch the procession go by" he added. 

We could just well up thinking about it. Poor Emma! Or as the TikToker themselves wrote in the caption: "Okay this got me."

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With over 5.9 million views, the comments section was full of people who were devastated for the royal horse. "I've not cried once about the Queen dying but when I tell you this got me emotional," @x.bobbie.exx admitted. "I got choked up at the very, very end. Scottish guard with bagpipes walking down the stone corridor out of sight as music faded," @bobshort416 agreed. "And even Emma bowed and saluted in the only way she could say goodbye to her ma'am," @pea_____ chimed in. 

While another commenter pointed out something else that was so sad. "Emma having the queen's scarf on her back," @smh5963 wrote. 

Clearly, Emma had a strong bond with her owner. We're so lucky that we got to see that special love for ourselves.

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