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Rabbit's Mad Reaction to Mom Scolding Him Makes Us LOL

No one wants to be the parent who has to scold the kids, but sometimes when they misbehave, you need to lay down the law so they don't do it again. One person had to do this with her pet, and the reaction they get is too funny.

TikTok user @ludwigthelop recently shared a video of their white rabbit, Ludwig, when they were scolding him for escaping his cage. In the video, Ludwig has the funniest reaction to his parent scolding him. Check out the video to see what this rabbit does!

LOL, this too good! Ludwig was not happy about being scolded, and he stomped his little feet in protest. We aren't usually a fan of temper tantrums, but we love this one!

People in the comments are amazed at how sassy rabbits can be. @justurlilbigirl said, "Bunnies have the worst attitudes and not enough people talk about it! They stomp all the time." Another user, @t_maray_24, commented, "Rabbit's attitudes are something else." If other rabbits are like Ludwig, then they have an abundance of sass!

Others found this exchange between Ludwig and his parent hilarious. @danaismyname commented, "Bunny stomps always cracked me up," and @whoisjesseanyway said, "It’s so funny how they stomp when mad." It's so funny because they look adorable while they're trying to be angry, and we can't take them seriously!

We can't stop watching this video—it is the perfect combination of funny and cute! This is definitely tempting us to adopt a rabbit for ourselves so we can experience their tantrums in person.

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