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Video of Rabbit Enjoying His Huge Outdoor Playpen Is As Good As It Gets

As a pet parent, there isn't much we wouldn't do to make our fur babies happy--and Bruce's mom is no exception! This adorable English Angora Rabbit, who goes by @bruceytherabbit on TikTok, was recently surprised with an upgraded outdoor playpen. Needless to say, everyone is obsessed!

Bruce's mom moved his playpen to a more covered location to help protect him from hawks while he's outside, but the fluffball is more concerned about getting out all the zoomies! If you think it sounds adorable, just wait until you see it. 

What a happy little guy! We adore that his mom took the time to upgrade his playpen for safety (and for his enjoyment, of course), and we think he's feeling appreciative, too! 

"Bunny zoomies are the best," commtented @acumom. "Lucky bunny." You said it! He must be overjoyed in his new playpen with all its tunnels and cubbies to hide in. And that waterside location? It's to die for! 

"He is so cute that set up for him is beautiful," @mamabernadette_ wrote. "He has the best life 🥰." Bruce's mom should really give herself a pat on the back for everything she does for him! If his zoomies didn't already give it away, he is one happy rabbit!

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