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Video of Bunny Happily Playing With the Family Dog Couldn’t Be Any Cuter

The animal kingdom is kind of like high school. There's a hierarchy and sometimes different groups don't mix. But in a TikTok creator's house, all the animals get along with each other. Including her dog Monte and a 5-year-old English Angora rabbit named Walter. 

The two are such good pals, that their owner Marni (or @itswalterhops as she goes by online) was easily able to record the pair hanging out. In response to one commenter who asked if her rabbit Walter and Monte ever play together, the mom showed the two chasing each other around the house. Just look at Walter go! He's one fast bunny. 

The comments section was absolutely smitten with these two. "Oh my goodness! This is so cute!" @bunnymom100 wrote. "I am melting! It couldn't get any cuter," "@flypastthesun exclaimed. "Awwwwww look how they play!" @mandy_isabella7 chimed in. "This is so cute! Walter is having fun playing with his doggy sister/brother," @lindamiller5226 added. 

Of course, not everyone had the same luck with their pets. "I wish my dog and bunny would play like this lol but I'm pretty sure my dogs terrified of him," @waste.of.space22 wrote.

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We mean, a bunny chasing a puppy dog? Could there be anything more sweet? In a separate video, Marni shared footage of Walter playing with her other dog Wilson. Again, it's clear that Walter and his doggie brothers are having the best time messing around. 

We just love to see animals getting along with each other. Especially at home where they're practically siblings. 

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